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American Indian Education Consultants

Since 1980, for 38 years, AIEC, a non-profit 501(c)(3), has devoted its resources to passionately advocate for the under-represented members of our  local, national and  tribal communities. Families who have been forced into the lowest family socio-economic status are least able to access high quality education, health and social services, housing, nutrition and, in some cases, their tribal traditions.  AIEC continues to help families help themselves. Find out how you can help a family in need, giving them hope for the future through your generous donations.



for equal access





for those in need


our vision

Our vision is that Indian families, communities and Tribes will participate in culturally aligned activities that will keep the family strong and together.


our mission

Indian Families, through a multidisciplinary approach, will dedicate their self to create optimal learning conditions to inspire their children develop individual learning path goals designed to boost them out of the lower economic quartile.


OUr value statement

AIEC believes that strong, traditionally centered families produce members that possess honesty, integrity, individual self-worth, work ethics, who are culturally aligned and exhibit multi-generaltional respect.